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🧐Ongoing Resources For Missed Appointments an How to Handle!

For most practitioners, this is what I refer to as one of the “icky parts” of being in business :-)

Listen, none of us likes to feel our clients don’t value our time, worse yet, they aren’t taking their own health serious. One of the many reasons we got into this business to begin with was we want to help people and we understand the importance of developing healthy habits.

We know the lack of these healthy habits are why they feel as bad as they do. So in our continuing discussion and additional resources on how to handle folks who either do “No Call, No-Shows or have chronic tardiness, the following is how these must be handled.

✅ Initially, we remind the client of our Rescheduling Policy from the Program of Care. Here we just remind them we do request 24 hours notice to reschedule their appointment. This allows us to use this time for another client who may need to get in. Usually, usually this corrects the problem for the future.

✅ The NO Call, No Show Client. In this situation I tend to interject a lot of structure early with the client. This means they are contacted and in light of one of those real world events that kept him from calling us and showing up, we remind them that we’re happy to resche dule them one more time. Again, to some of you this may seem harsh, however, you have a serious business to run and if they’re not gonna take it serious that’s on them not you. So being firm and gentle is a must.

✅ The chronic tardiness case is actually one of the easiest cases to handle. Simply contact the client and find out what better day and time of the week meets their busy schedule best. We try to establish this from day one however, things change and here we can be flexible and understanding as well as gentle and firm.

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