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🥹 Staff Meetings Made Magical!

For many of us who have spent much time in the business world, we’ve had our fair share of staff meetings and can recall good and bad experiences for sure.

Most of the people watching this video today are going to identify with many of the things we touch on. As an independent practitioner, usually not having a full staff, yet :-), here are some key things you can perform on a weekly basis for your own personal review to make certain you’re on track with moving forward and building your practice.

✅ Problem Solving - Handle in favor of your client, when possible.

✅ Success Announcements - Client wins-Revenue Milestones, etc.

✅ Business Stats - New Clients - Client Retention - Made vs Kept Appointments.

✅ Customer Service - Best Book EVER - How to Win Customers and Keep them for Life.

✅ Current State of the Practice - Growing - Improving - Solving Problems - Earning Money.

✅ Review Your Mission Statement (mine provided for ideas in writing your own)

✅ Plan of Action - 3 Things you commit to improving on by next staff meeting.

✅ Staff Training - Training exercises including Role-Playing, Drilling, Teaching by example!!!

Dan’s Mission Statement

“We Have Created A Nutritional Therapy Practice where we help more people in less time.  We earn more net profit dollars every month.  Our practice is fun and easy to do because we have a simple easily reproducible system for client intake, evaluation, Program of Care, education, fulfillment of the product, re-evaluation and recall of our clients which is so effective it magnetizes new clients which respond to our care and recommendations, cheerfully pay our fees and refer more people to do the same.”

The importance of these key areas to cover during your staff meetings helps to ensure each person understands the responsibilities of their position, is properly trained with the right resources to put the position in ORDER, is EMPOWERED and properly SUPPORTED to achieve the OBJECTIVES of the business.


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