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💡Last Video on Front Office/Structuring Appointments and How to Handle, etc.

In conclusion of the front office procedures and resources used regarding appointments, structuring appointments and handling missed appointments. Here are three more tips to consider in your arsenal of resources for your practice.

Each of us, we hope develops a wonderfully thriving practice, the struggles we’ve been talking about in this weeks videos are just part of the process.

So let’s get these resources in place and understood so when it’s time for you or your front office to handle what I referred to earlier as the “Icky Parts” of the business, it can be done with professionalism, understanding, gentleness and empathy.

If you’re not able to contact the person who has missed an appointment the day of then the following needs to happen.

✅ Send out a missed appointment letter accompanied with an office survey form. We place a self-addressed stamped envelope along with the form so the office survey form is easily sent back to us. We want to know immediately if the client experienced something less than desirable with our office. If it is something within our power to correct, and it needs to be done, we will handle it promptly.

✅ Another follow-up call is made three days after the appointment to touch base with the client and get them rescheduled.

✅ Should the client not be rescheduled within the first 30 days of missing an appointment, we send them a “We Miss You letter.”

Just make sure you mean it:) Hey, sometimes during or right after the Fine Tuning Period, you realize, this person is not a great much for us. That’s OK, its not personal and you may not want them back in your clinic. Just make sure it wasn’t something you and your staff did OR didn’t do which caused the relationship to end.

One Final Important Note: Any client who has not received a service or purchased products from the clinic in 90 days is considered inactive. Each of these clients is put into the Reactivation Program which we will address in future videos.

Remember, all of the resources mentioned in the videos can be found in your flash drive for easily editable documents to meet your specific needs and professional personality.

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