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💡Reactivation Resources and Steps!

Important Note: Any client who has not received a service or purchased products from the clinic in 90 days is considered to be on the inactive list.

Each of these clients, by way of review, is put in the Reactivation Program.

When you review the case history with this client, be honest with yourself and thoroughly answer the following questions. This lets you know how well you performed your intake and monitoring procedures.

Answer some important questions you would use every time to critique any client in a reactivation program.

✅ Review the case history. Was the clients concerns in line with what you feel very confident about handling?

✅ Do you want to reconnect and ask for the opportunity to serve their needs again?

✅ Does this client truly fit your Ideal Profile of a client?

✅ What could I have done better or different in the relationship?

Once you have answered these questions honestly for yourself and you realize you do want to reconnect with this person perform the following actions.

Simply call the client and let them know you miss seeing them in your office and you are concerned about how they’re doing.

If you do not reach the client leave a very similar message.

If the client is doing well, gather some details and update the file. Remind them you always want to remain a resource to them for their health objectives and needs.

You may also offer them a complementary reevaluation just to get things back on track if they seem interested in the resources you provide. Let them know this is a no charge visit and it’s just as much for you as it is for them.

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