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🧐 Let’s look at the Dynamics of Phase 2 more closely!

The objective of the healing in observation phase is to position your client to experience certain sustainable gains within the next 12 weeks.

By way of evaluation, we want to see a minimum of 75% improvement in everything that brought them to your office.

✅The client is experiencing less stress, less physical symptoms and is performing noticeably better.

✅If at the end of the initial 12 weeks, the client is not showing these improvements. We repeat the Healing and Observation Phase for a maximum of another 12 week cycle.

We do this for several reasons, the most important first.

💥If you graduate someone too early, it will undermine the relationship because their health gains have not been fully realized!

This is due to their health habits needing monitored a little longer and more encouragement and resources from you to get these new health habits locked in.

Be sure and remind your clients, Habits = Health!

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