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🤷‍♂️Don’t Get Faked Out By Changes!

This videos Objective is to focus on how to handle changes with your client. Changes come in many forms. Either the client is improving or they don’t think they’re improving, in fact they could feel like they may be getting a little worse.

Do not be alarmed by this feedback early in the process with your client, if something has changed and they need any type of additional supplementation, your evaluation will reveal this to you.

Special Note: Should you change a client program in terms of supplementation, remind them this is a short term refinement. The goal should be with a good nutritional therapy plan, not to exceed between four and six bottles of supplementation at one time. More than 6 tends to overwhelm the client, both emotionally and financially.

✅If they feel like they’re improving, they are excited about the positive changes they are experiencing, the tendency is to not touch their program and let them continue on. This type of feedback suggests they’re doing the right thing, They may have not done it long enough. (Again, your evaluation will confirm this)

✅For many clients this is the stage where they start to think they don’t need you anymore. They think because their symptoms have improved and they feel better, they are well. We all know this is not true. (Takes 3 to 6 months to get stable, 1 to 3 years to restore health)

✅To establish changes, we always review the previous visit to find out what the comments were and how the client scored on all 10 questions we ask on every visit. We then take them through the process again and monitor the changes if any.

✅ It’s OK to refine a client protocol when needed. Remind them they should see a shift in how they feel within 5 to 7 days. In our center, this has been the norm.

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