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🤔Virtual Consultations, yes/no/maybe?

It’s obvious in recent years virtual consultations have hit a new high in popularity. Our experience is they can be effective when done properly. This means having the right educational pieces in place so the client fully understands what is an is not possible based on a virtual visit.

It is challenging enough to maintain a hands on relationship, let alone adding distance to the same relationship.  The key is monitoring properly enough to get the right results for the client in terms of their habits and lifestyle changes.

In the best of situations, proper monitoring of these cases will prove challenging. Here is our format for bringing your distance clients great results.

✅ Have a communication Flow of Questions. We follow the NKL Evaluation Sheet!

✅ Brief Run Down is:

  1. Bowel Movements

  2. Energy

  3. Sleep

  4. Digestion

  5. Compliance

  6. Questions

  7. Education

  8. Food Logs

  9. Changes

  10. Program Stability

There is ample information covered her allowing you to properly:

Evaluate The Clients Current Status

Determine a Course of Action They Should Take

Execute a Plan and Continue Monitoring!

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