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🤔Product Lines?!?!?

Question 17 and 18 Together!

Here’s where a great deal of personal preference enters the decision making process. I myself have three primary categories of products I use.

✅  Whole Food Concentrates

✅  Herbal Supplements

✅  Nutraceuticals

Two of these product lines where present when I started, we added whole food concentrates in 2006. This has really been the only major modification to product lines in the last 15+ years.

There are two things I consider when choosing a product line.

First, Credibility of the Manufacturer. Do they produce a quality product I can rely on to get good results for my clients on a consistent basis.

Secondly, support provided by the manufacturer in terms of in office resources, like product reference, material, protocol selection guidelines, and access to other them for questions and guidance.

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