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🤔 What Services will I Provide?

There are so many amazing modalities, devices, and services that we can now provide in our natural health business it can become overwhelming to pick.

The following is how I view services and how I explain and educate my clients about them.

✅  Our Primary Focus is Nutritional Therapy designed with Nutritional Kinesiology.

✅. However, we educate our clients in the following manner:  “Oh, by the way, we offer . . . .

At this point, I can go into a list of different services like cold laser, Structural, and Footbath, just to name a few. The way our Program of Care is designed, our clients are made aware of these additional services early when they start their program and during the first six weeks have an opportunity to experience those services.

But they are not our primary focus, our primary is one thing and one thing specifically.

Everything else we offer in our practice is labeled as, “Oh, by the way, we offer . . .

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