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🥳 Initial Client Contact 💯

This communication resource, we use every single time NO MATTER WHAT with potentially new clients. It is a resource any practitioner in the natural healing arts will benefit from when used consistently.

We all have people in our communities asking all the time . . . What do you do? Here is our answer . . “We design nutritional therapy programs for chronic illness cases”. That’s IT!!!!

The tendency is to explain on the spot what we do for inexperienced practitioners. My experience is, this may cause major setbacks and undue stress. Anything comments from the potential client after this initial statement is this . . . .

“All our new clients attend our clinical orientation class. The class takes about 35 minutes. For attending the class, your first 2 visits are complimentary. We share with you what we do, how and why, the time involved and even your possible investment. We do this to make certain we are a great match for each other. The class is the first and third Tuesday of the month. Which one works best for you?

THATS IT! Let them tell you which day works best. Again, the tendency is to start explaining things on the spot, which is not part of the communication. When more questions come your way, acknowledge them by saying, Great question . . . All our new clients attend our clinic orientation class to get all their questions answered . . . .

Pretty soon, they will understand in order to get going with your office, they will be attending the class. Once they agree to the first or third class, ask them this question, “Who would you like to bring with you?”

This encourages them, day one to bring a guest. Best friend or spouse, it happens all the time and it begins the momentum for PUTTING YOUR PRACTICE IN ORDER!!!

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