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🤔 Answer the 80/15/5 Questions!!!

Questions 11,12,13 and 14 really go hand-in-hand in terms of piecing together the ideal model for your Natural Health and Wellness business.

Structure = Freedom!!


80 = 500 to 1500 per month in take homes income.

15 = 500 to 1500 per week and

5 = 500 to 1500 per day.  Todays example is for the 80 percent of practitioners.

This is really simple math and personal dedication which sets the framework for answering these questions.

For example:

Let’s say you will earn $50,000 per year in your business.

You are working 10 months out of the year. (2 months time off).

You work 2 days per week.

You see clients 6 hours per day.

Your average visit time is 45 minutes with 15 minutes for checkout.

50,000 divided by 10 equals 5,000 per month.

5,000 divided by 4 equals 1250 per week.

1250 per week divided by 12 hours per week equals 104.16 per visit, below the actual clinic average.

We know from our experience the average client visit in a nutritional therapy practice like ours is $110 per visit.

Now you can see how understanding the simple math behind the 80/15/5/ Model, a practitioner can develop up a very successful part-time business, generating full time income

at just 12 hours per week.

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That doesn’t make sense to me, it’s $40 per 15 minute visit. Where do you get $110 per visit?

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