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As a natural health practitioner, one of the biggest challenges you face is having your message reach your community. Either in written, video or audio format. We humans have always communicated in just those three ways. Its up to you to identify your personal communication skill and preference then go after it aggressively.

I LOVE talking to people in person, in groups or one on one. I love getting to know people and let THEM DO THE TALKING. I know this is my most authentic way to communicate. Second and third is in audio or video format. I mentioned before and it is worth repeating, If you haven’t been on the podcast yet, please contact me and lets capture your interview. DO NOT BE FEARFUL, we are only capturing your story in audio format and it is really fun and easy.

This is an important piece to you sharing the message you have with the world. The benefits are enormous to you and your community. You can’t do this wrong unless you DON’T DO IT!!!

Who should be interviewed:




Massage Therapists





Acupuncturists etc. etc. etc.

This list goes on and on . . . . I look forward to you contacting me and lets get you on Total Wellness Radio ASAP:)



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