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What is ORDER, Exactly?

ORDER is the acronym we use for all staff training, client communication, mentorship programs, lectures, business relations, video training, and much more!


The impact it has made on developing skills, embracing responsibility, and achieving goals has been outstanding!


Objective: Establishing objectives to keep our business focused on results

Resources: Lining up resources to achieve desired outcomes

Demonstrates: Putting your resources into action

Evaluates: Evaluating the effectiveness of your performance

Refines: Refining your skills to achieve the overall objective


Bring ORDER to your practice!

Why Practice BluePrint?

Many come out of school as enhanced healers, but are not positioned to Create, Market, Manage, Grow or Sustain an actual Wellness Practice. We dedicate ourselves to positioning ALL Nutrition-Minded Practitioners to experience the business of their dreams. 

Practice BluePrint's Mentorship Program provides continuing education hours through the ANMCB and AANWP.

The Objective:

“To walk students into business mastery, so that they may run their practice at any pace."  -Dan Young

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