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E395 Dr. Christina Campbell

Dr. Campbell is the owner and founder of the Institute for Functional Regenerative Medicine and Naturally Free From IBD, PLLC.  Dr. Campbell is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine, Certified in Functional Medicine, and is a Certified Endocannabinoid Professional with 25+ years of experience in medicine.  As a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, she understands that all aspects of our lives impact our health and vice versa.  A true believer in lifestyle and functional medicine, she is passionate about health and wellness through natural and nontoxic therapies.

A practicing physician for 25 years, she has seen what works and what does not.  Utilizing telehealth and entering into a therapeutic partnership with her clients, Dr. Campbell offers supportive and thoughtful personalized solutions to the root cause of their health issues. She is not only restoring health but creating exuberant wellness and passionate lives for her patients.

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