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👉🏻 November ZOOM Replay LINK🔥

🤩 Great BIG THANK You to ALL In Attendance!!!

Todays Agenda/Discussion Highlights!

✅ Practitioner Questions Answered!

✅ AHPA’s free website:

✅ Nutritional Kinesiology Certification Recipients!

Reesa - Fort Collins, Colorado.

Patricia - Fort Collins, Colorado

Christie - Cheyenne, WY.

Danielle - Fort Dodge, Iowa

Allen - Cheyenne, Wy.

Ed - Sheridan, WY.

Cassidy - Scottsbluff, NE.

Tammy - Cheyenne

Craig - Cheyenne

✅ Understanding Healing Cycles in MORE Detail!

✅ Case Management Questions Answered!

✅ Protocol Questions!!

✅ Quick Reminder:

Be sure and Book your Strategy Session!

Dr. Dan is deeply committed to providing Proven Resources to practitioners, however he realizes coming to the clinic in Cheyenne, for many, is just not possible.

For your COMPLIMENTARY Virtual Session - Contact Dr. Dan directly at 307-631-5300 or leave a comment in this post, we will get this set up for you.

✅ Coming Events 2023

NK Certification Class

May 19,20 and 21

Practitioner weekend

August 18, 19th and 20th, 2023

✅ Decembers Roundtable will be December 16th, 2PM MST!

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