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❤️‍🩹 Challenging Cases Tip #14 “Chronic Dry Eyes”

As we enter summer full swing, many clients are going to complain about dry eye concerns. It’s important to remember from a practitioners standpoint, the number one element to address is inflammation in the body.

Chronic dry eyes is always an indicator of systemic inflammatory conditions usually brought on by a few key things to be aware of for your client.

  1. Make absolutely certain the client is staying well hydrated and avoiding inflammatory foods such as sugars, fast metabolizing carbohydrates, breads etc. these foods are known to create serious inflammatory conditions.

  2. Pay close attention to the liver and the colon as Chinese medicine has proven time and time again that inflammation, congestion and stress on these vital organs, will reflect in the eyes.

  3. Look at environmental toxins, air quality the client may be exposed to, car exhaust and hydrocarbons are huge contributors to this condition. If the client smokes, all the more reason to stop! Consider a metal and chemical detox.

Finally, as part of a in-home remedy which all medicine cabinets should have. HP Eyebright can be most effective to address this type of concern. The client may only need to use this once or twice a week to improve eye quality, decongest and cleanse the eyes and tear ducts and see a major shift in a short period of time.

Cassidy Nixon


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