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More often than not, folks who miss appointments or show up late have real life events which caused this. Understanding and empathy must be deployed. Unless the person has traveled a great distance to make the appointment, and are still late, rescheduling the appointment is typically a very simple process.

Now there are certain cases where this is not possible and I’ll explain a couple of those examples in this weeks videos.

However, the main objective of this post is to give you some resources which take into consideration these real life events. The following is how our front office handles missed appointments in the clinic.

✅ If the client is 5 minutes late, the Front Office gives them a call. To many people, five minutes seems not very understanding however, when our typical reevaluation times are 15 minutes and we have a very, very busy practice, five minutes is a large piece of the overall time with us. More often than not, we are able to accommodate folks with flexibility depending on the situation, the schedule and practitioner availability.

This particular resource is really a judgment call on your part, however there are situations where a conversation may need to be had with the client if the following have taken place on more than a few occasions.

✅ More than 2 no call, no shows.

✅ Chronic Tardiness.

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