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🤔 What Type of Person To Employ?

For many years, I have approached this with specific actions and questions when hiring people on our team. This approach makes up 80 percent of hiring the right person.

The first bullet point is something I’ve been using for years when hiring for the front or back office positions. I have the applicant follow me around for an entire day, I pay them cash for the day, and at the end of the full days experience, I asked them the following questions.

✅ Based on what you have experienced today, is this an office you are really excited about being part of?

✅ On a scale of one to 10, 10 being excellent, how willing are you to learn the responsibilities of the position?

Based on their answers to these questions, and our gut sense for the person will determine if they meet with Rachel and go through the hiring formalities.

Just like bringing in new clients, you want to make certain your new employees are a great match for you, and you are a great match for them.

“You can make the willing able, but you can’t make the able willing!”

The new hire MUST be teachable, JUST like the NEW Client:)

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