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❤️‍🩹What is the BIG Deal about 💩

This first question always asked by clients regarding the bowel movements reminds me of six key things minimum that you was a practitioner must be aware of an order to evaluate your client‘s responses to how many bowel movements are they having daily :-)

This applies to whether or not the client is having constipation or diarrhea. Now, it’s important that you the practitioner fully understand what your client means by the term diarrhea. Water like consistency is diarrhea however it is a sign of severe constipation. In that only the liquefied fecal matter is actually escaping the bowel.

The following six key areas when it comes to bowel movement must be looked at and evaluate it in order to position the client to correct this large intestinal stress.

✅Dehydration and Fiber Ratio

✅Pre and Probiotics

✅Food Combing/Enzymes

✅Immune System Stress

✅Hormonal Imbalance

✅Cardiovascular Stress

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