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🤔What Does Compliance Really Mean?

There’s an old saying, “truth lies in the details”. I’m a big believer the more you talk to your clients, the more information they give you, the more they enlighten you as to what they really need. That being said, if we don’t take some time on each one of these steps we will not be positioned to know exactly what are the best resources to give to the client.

The issue of compliance is an interesting and broad statement however we have found from our experience, there are several indicators we need to examine on every visit so we continue to reveal to the client and us what they really need.

Initially compliance means following the supplement schedule as outlined. However, there is much, much more to it as this weeks video series outlines. Here you may have to make some adjustments from time to time for folks who are really good about taking supplements in the morning and at night but find they are missing the mid day nutrition. Readdress the recommendations sheet to accommodate this for the client.

✅Make a copy of the recommendation sheet for your in office file.

✅All re-evaluations are designed to make sure the client is taking the Right Supplement.

✅Taking them in the right amount, as long as client is stable and making progress, don’t look for things to change regarding the supplements.

✅Right Order means there are no new active reflex points needing to be addressed during the visit.

✅Remember, Right amount of time.  Each supplement in the Protocol you Design provides specific nutritional resources to your client. It takes on average 5 to 7 days for the client to start feeling the effects regarding how the bodies responding. Sometimes amounts need to be adjusted up or down a little bit but for the most part, don't play with doses too much.

A liver detox can take several weeks. Bowel cleansing can take several weeks, pancreas and lymphatic flushes can take several weeks. Just because the client has done a cleanse for five days doesn’t mean they’re done. Even though most cleanses are designed for a 5 to 7 day run. Our bowel cleanse takes 12 to 14 days. And most clients need to do more than one cleanse to achieve maximum benefit.

Often practitioners experience clients who are doing the exact right thing they just haven’t done it long enough.

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