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💪🏻 They Are Showing Tangible Gains!

We have found from our experience, one of the best ways to monitor the gains experienced by our clients is with the Maestro System Survey. For those of you who may not be using a system survey in your clinic, I have included a direct link which you can access and use their product for free in order to get a feel for it and see if it’s what you wish to use as a resource in your office. (Disclaimer, we are not compensated for referring you to this site :-)

When properly completed by your client, it shows overall percentages of improvement primarily monitoring their endocrine system along with parasympathetic/sympathetic pathways and digestion.

✅ We use this at the 6 week mark to gage progress.

✅ Also, in your flash-drive, you may print out your editable copy of the Improvement Report.

✅ Have your client complete so you may share with other potential clients the “ Rave Reviews” your clients are sharing with you.

✅ This approach helps you establish the clients overall stress reduction, improvement and health gains they’ve achieved. A proven resource for maintaining optimum health for as long as possible.

✅ When the client has achieved 90% improvement in the health concerns which brought them to you to begin and they know they have improved noticeably, you then and only then may start suggesting what a maintenance plan might look like.

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