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The Program of Care should spell out the following:

By now you have established the three most important things in the minds of the client and the responsibilities they must be willing to take care of in order to maximize their results and achieve their health restoration goals.

Do not be surprised if you have to remind your client several times over the weeks and months to come about those responsibilities and commitments they made to themselves. Remember, There are always two distinct relationships happening simultaneously.

The relationship that you enjoy with your client which is always encouraging, upbeat, positive and mutually respectful.

And then there’s the challenging relationship they are establishing between them and their program. These are two distinct relationships.

In this video we’re going to cover the following:

✅ Re-exam, if any, to affirm findings in the Initial Evaluation

✅ Complete Nutritional Recommendation Sheet

✅ Answer the Clients parting questions about their Program of Care

✅ Turn over to front office ( more on this in the next video)

Enclosing however, to discuss the most important and empowering comments you the practitioner can make to your client in order to really achieve a lasting healing relationship.

How they can personally contact you in between visits :-)

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