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💪🏻 Strong Relations Revolve Around GREAT Ongoing Education!

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

We are now on page 20 of the manual with 71 more pages to go. Wow! So far this has been a great journey and I hope all of you are gaining great value out of the content.

On page 20 you’ll notice where it talks about educational pieces we use in our office.

Here is where your individual likes of different practitioners, books, videos, and websites can really shine. I’m not suggesting you use everything we use, I am strongly suggesting you understand the following. If you want to maintain long-term lasting and meaningful relationships with your clients, you better have a huge resource list to go from when it comes to ongoing education.

Ongoing education is the key to retention. Never ever forget this. In fact, it’s so important I’m gonna say it again.

Ongoing Education is the Key to Retention!

In this next series of Videos on the Practice BluePrint app, I will be covering 13 different resources we share with clients throughout the entire relationship process.

Also during this week we will cover to key additional areas.

✅ Gathering Great Reviews!

✅ Acknowledging Referral Sources!

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