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💪🏻Stability in a Client’s Program!

Part of creating stability in any case is managing the following. Most of your clients will come to you already taking a few supplements, to as much as a suitcase full! Literally! I have seen it.

It is mind-bending to me how much self-medicating takes place with clients. I understand it to a degree, and it is something you will have to manage properly.

During the fine tuning trial period, we will have clients bring in, from time to time, 2 or maybe 3 supplements at each visit so we can evaluate those supplements along with their program. Now because we use Nutritional Kinesiology, this is a very simple process.

Early on in the monitoring stage we make the following statement, Isolates do not work as well or as often as whole food or herbal remedies. If you are on the right nutrition program, you will need less over time. (Most of the supplements clients bring in are cheap isolate vitamins and minerals)

Most clients are thrilled with the fact you’re helping them reduce the amount of supplementation they need to take. As far as actual stability goes, here are the chief indicators you look for in order to move the client from Fine Tuning to Healing and Observation.

✅ They are stable, they are not blocked or switched when we do our evaluation.

✅ They are experiencing improvement in all of their chief concerns.

✅ They are verbally confirming to you they know they’re getting better, feeling better and doing well. I.E. Ready to move on . . . .

✅ They are showing consistent compliance and an understanding of how they should perform on a daily basis regarding bowel movements, energy, sleep, digestive performance and the rest of the compliance indicators we’ve talked about to this point.

They are indicating to you they are now ready to graduate to a Healing an Observation stage in the program.

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