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🤝So You THINK Your Ready? Can we Accept your Case?

With new clients I’m always very, very sensitive to applying the concept of “picking up where we left off” in the relationship. I’m going to explain in detail what I mean by this.

Picking up where we left off in our relationship simply means to revisit the last time we were in touch with each other, either in person, by phone or in a classroom setting. It confirms two things for your client, one, you were paying attention to the last time there was an interaction and two, it refreshes their and yours quickly regarding past communication.

Then we bring up current evaluation forms like case history, system survey, in my office, heart rate variability assessments and the evaluation or analysis you perform. We put all these things together in a very succinct manner so we can prepare the client for their very next visit which is the “Program of Care Visit”!

NOTE:  Do Not Accept a case if you are not convinced they are a great match for you. Will follow your recommendations and fully understand their role!

I know a lot of this material and the things I’m using to describe it may seem redundant, however, it’s been my experience here in lies most practitioners problems. You think you’re ready to accept their case when in reality, you’re still qualifying them to see if they’re a great match for you and if you’re a great match for them.

This can only be done through multiple revisits to questions to make certain the client is well positioned to thrive.

Most people struggle with perception. You may have a client who thinks because they’ve seen you three or four visits in a row they are or should be better. The reasoning behind this thinking-is because more often than not, they have not been told the story about are we in the third quarter of the game or are we still in the car on our way to the stadium.

They think after a few visits it’s the third quarter of the game when in reality the game hasn’t really started yet. I hope this helps clarify.

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