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👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Small Can be BIG!

This question remains part of the practice creation form because people, at times, feel like their market will not support the type of nutritional therapy practice they want to build.

There is ample experience to support communities as small as 2000 in population are more than sufficient to support a thriving practice.

The population is less important than the problems you solve in the community. And I can assure you from our experience, every community in America needs the type of problem-solving you offer.

✅ Be diverse in your approach - We work with all ages.

✅ 3 Key Components of Affordable, Accessible and Results Driven.

✅ Don't pigeon hole your services in the community.

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1 comentario

10 nov 2022

This is exactly my demographic. It’s a small community that needs this service badly!

Me gusta
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