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🥱Sleep Pattern Problems 😴

A big indicator to faulty dietary and lifestyle habits are sleep patterns. This is one like energy, that most of your clients are going to bring to your attention as one of their big concerns. They’ll say things like, gosh, I wish I could sleep better or longer or feel rested after I sleep.

This is where asking questions about their habits really pays off. The following list are areas you the Practitioner must pay close attention to in order to position your client to identify incorrect dietary and lifestyle habits, making it impossible for them to rest properly.

✅Dietary Issues-Food Allergies/Alcohol/Caffeine Consumption)

✅Endocrine System Imbalance (to include hormones)

✅Emotional Stress

✅Mineral Deficiencies

✅Adrenal Stress Test

✅Exercise Routine (Stop the Sedentary Lifestyle - GET MOVING!)

✅EMF Stress (Electric Blankets, Waterbeds, Power lines, Clocks, etc.)

✅Electrolyte Imbalance Induced Dehydration

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