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✅ Practice Creation Form!

Lets get acquainted with the Practice Creation Form!

All too often, people deny themselves permission to invest the time to design the ideal scenario for their business. It’s been said, and I have personally experienced watching people, spend more time on planning their three week vacation then they do their future.

Many times when I’ve presented the practice creation form to practitioners they struggle with coming up with meaningful answers to their own financial future.

The time invested to design a successful practice is overshadowed by not understanding the necessary ingredients which must go into building a successful practice.

The practice creation form we are going to visit extensively over the coming weeks will pull from your mind and from your heart the ingredients you wish to have in your ideal practice. Then you put the answers on paper. By completing this exercise for yourself you will develop clarity, confidence and fuel your conviction to see this journey through.

Most people lack perspective when it comes to goals. When it comes to your business you must look at your short term and long term goals in the following manner. A short term goal is what you will accomplish in the next five years and a long-term goal is what you will accomplish in the next 10 years.

👉🏻 1.  What is the vision/mission statement for my business?

As a frame of reference, I have included a copy of my personal mission statement and I will provide all of the answers to these questions purely from my perspective. You need to answer these questions for yourself honestly in order to identify what business model you hope to build.

The 80/15/5 Business Model.

Every practitioner I’ve ever spent time with falls into one of these business model numbers and none of the categories are wrong at all, they are just your perspective on how you wish to be compensated short and long-term in your business. Once you know which category you are, answering the rest of these questions in an honest manner becomes easy.

“We Have Created A Nutritional Therapy Practice where we help more people in less time.  We earn more net profit dollars every month.  Our practice is fun and easy to do because we have a simple easily reproducible system for client intake, evaluation, Program of Care, education, fulfillment of the product, re-evaluation and recall of our clients which is so effective it magnetizes new clients which respond to our care and recommendations, cheerfully pay our fees and refer more people to do the same.”

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