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🤔 Objective of Phase One, The Trial Period!

At this stage in the manual and your flash drive support resources, we are still establishing trust rapport authority and control in the mind of your client regarding their program.

✅We have had between four and six weekly visits.

✅The client is taking their supplements as recommended.

✅They are filling out and bringing in weekly food logs for review and refinement.

✅They have seen improvement regarding how they feel and perform.

✅At the sixth visit, we redo our system survey and any other evaluation resources you use to determine the stability and improvement of the client with their program.

The fine tuning or trial phase, as we call it, is to make certain the client is doing everything they can to gain maximum value from the program.

We are still establishing and stabilizing them as a client to make absolutely certain we should continue.

We also prepare them for the first written Improvement Report and written review of their experience so far. The document we are referring to is found in your flash drive.

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