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Nutritional Kinesiology Video Demonstration

Since 1983 I have been involved with kinesiology. That was the year I was first introduced to it in Montana by a practitioner who helped me get on the right digestive enzymes. From 83 until 98 I was simply a recipient of the amazing benefits of kinesiology. From 1998 until now I have focused on mastering the practice of kinesiology.

I’m convinced you cannot master kinesiology, you can only master the practice of kinesiology and this is why we offer so many different classes governing how to practice this amazing evaluation tool. In the following videos we will demonstrate for you the four segments we use in approaching each client visit and the importance of making certain we have the following in place.

👉🏻 Client Testability is the first video we will present today in this 4 video series. Be sure and ask lots of questions as I love Positioning Practitioners to know their Job Description when using kinesiology and the byproduct is Your Clients Will Thrive :-)

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