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👉🏻 Kinesiology Video 4 - The Wrap Up!

Updated: May 5, 2023

🍾 Final video regarding Wrap Up using the NK exam :-)

So in this final video we capture a very important piece to the nutritional kinesiology analysis. This is called Wrap Up and this is conducted once you have determined the protocol selection for your client.

There are a few key things we want to make certain we do each and every time especially if we’ve made changes to the nutritional therapy the client will be using. This helps to avoid overdue stress on digestion and detox pathways as well as avoid potential healing cycle experiences for our clients.

👉🏻 Re-Check Blocked Regulation Test

👉🏻 Evaluate Digestive Points

👉🏻 Check the Parasympathetic Pathway by way of Vegas Nerve

👉🏻 Check for Non-Infectious Sensitivities to the Supplements

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