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Nutritional Kinesiology Syllabus!

Introduction and Basic Syllabus to Nutritional Kinesiology

The purpose of this syllabus is to give the student a clear picture of the class objectives, the resources we will use, the time spent in actual demonstration of these techniques, ongoing evaluation of the student in terms of grasping the content and then helping the student refine their understanding and ability to demonstrate and apply the content.

This approach will allow the instructors for Practice BluePrint, the ability to demonstrate the effective flow of this evaluation tool and at the same time, each student will grow in their confidence and competence with Nutritional Kinesiology.

Objectives Overview Bring ORDER to Your Evaluations!

Order is an acronym and training platform that we filter all of our training events through. It gives our students a stable, proven platform to stand on as they gain understanding and clarity about the material and incorporates the experience of demonstrating that clarity and understanding in an actual classroom setting.

This approach is much more focused on making certain the material is imprinted quickly and successfully so the student can then to some degree of confidence execute on what they’ve learned in our Nutritional Kinesiology hands on weekends.

Each section of our training manual contains specific objectives. A detailed list of resources which guide and empower the student to achieve that objective. Hands-on

demonstration so Confidence and Competency with those resources can then be evaluated and refined.

This approach has proven itself to be the fastest and most stable way to position practitioners to use this evaluation resource with their clients, reproduce consistent positive outcomes for client health improvement and maintain a very rewarding model for both client and practitioner.

All contents is based on service marked and copyrighted material created and captured at the Country Doctor Nutritional Center, Cheyenne Wyoming. Practice blueprint serves as the mentorship arm for providing this material.

While this information is the property of Country Doctor/Practice BluePrint, we encourage interns and students to use Nutritional Kinesiology as a non-invasive ongoing assessment tool. We encourage its use and investigation of this Material by practitioners and their clients.

No claims are made in the use of this tool for the purpose of diagnosing, treating or curing any named or un-named disease or illness the client may have. As with any tool, results will vary in regards to the correct application of the information.

Syllabus Content Section One Objective:

* Achieve a successfully locking indicator muscle with your client.


* The Piano Key Sensation Demonstration * Test Kits

* List 0f Potential Stressors

* Stressors Handout

* Proper Testing Positions Demonstrated

* Gradient Pressure Demonstrated

* Woman Testing Men Demonstrated - All Resources will be fully Demonstrated by instructor then performed by students for Evaluation and Refinement. This insures proper practitioner positioning with the material.

Section Two Objective:

* Pre-Evaluation to Determine Testability of the Client.


* Locking Indicator Muscle * Adrenal Stress Test

* EMF Test

* Calibration Test

* Blocking and Switching Test

This 5 Step in-depth demonstration evaluates certain body reflex points, (based in acupuncture) to determine if the client can be tested successfully.

Section Three Objective:

* Use of a consistent evaluation flow to Determine immune system weakness present allowing pathology to thrive.


Nutritional Kinesiology Dermatome Chart Your Body Can Talk (Susan Levy)

The Ultimate Healing System (Donald LePore) Potent Point (Michael Reed)

Systemic Dermatome Chart Completed by Students at the end of the Section to determine comprehension and refine understanding and application of the material.

Perform Complete Body Scan


33 Reflex points evaluated Priority Reflex Point Identified

Section Four Objective

Stress Kit application to the reflex point to determine what may be causing the weakness

Complete Dermatome Chart to demonstrate comprehension of material and refine understanding.

Section 5

Wrap up Evaluation to make sure protocol is not overwhelming clients nervous system


Perform test to determine if the client is Blocked

Check digestive points making sure client can digest the protocol efficiently

Check Vegas nerve pathway to determine protocol is not overwhelming the nervous system

Check Non Infectious Allergy Point making sure the protocol does not produce a possible histamine response

Future Nutritional Kinesiology classes will cover Intermediate and Advanced applications for the following:

Protocol Selection based on findings Dosing of the Protocol

Multiple Weak Reflex Points

Two Point Therapy Localization Pulsing Liquids for Use

Pulsing Organ Integrity Emotional patterns Structural

Cranial Nerve Reset Digestive valves

Hiatal hernia

This is a basic Syllabus overview for the Nutritional Kinesiology workshops offered by Country Doctor Nutritional Center and Practice BluePrint.

For more details, please refer your questions to Rachel or Jacob Fuqua at 307-634-2464

You can also check future class schedules and available booking dates by downloading the Practice BluePrint app on Google Play for Android platforms or the App Store for Apple IOS Devices.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to seeing you in the next workshop.

Dan Young, BCTN, BCN

Practice BluePrint - “Mentorship on Demand”

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