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Most Important 3 Points on the POC

There are several nuances captured in the Program of Care document which, although it’s only 4 1/2 pages long, sets the tone, the stage and the foundation for your long-term relationship with your client. It spells out specifically their responsibilities, the timeframe and financial investment involved.

Important Note: We are still in the process of determining if this client is a great match for our office. Next, begins the responsibility of educating the client to the role that they play in their own health and how we are there to position them to achieve optimum health restoration.

We apply ORDER to the conversation.   

Ask the client if they are committed to the program, following the recommendations and following a maintenance plan for the future. You determiner this by the 3 number comments page 1.

✅ Be as Compliant as possible.

✅ Stay with the program long enough to correct underlying causes of the health concern.

✅ Follow a maintenance plan so you don’t have to start over.

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