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🥳 Lets Review Phase Two - Healing and Observation!

We refer to moving clients from the Trial Period into the Healing and Observation Phase as GRADUATION!

They typically get excited about this and ask the question, “What does that mean?

It means we have achieved a level of stability and positioned the client to embrace long-term adjustments and health gains because of their newfound habits.

The frequency of visits will shift slightly to a once every two weeks or three weeks visit, depending upon their overall improvement during the reevaluation.

For example, if they have improved noticeably in the areas of:

✅ Bowel Movements

✅ Energy

✅ Sleep

✅ Digestion.

Along with,

✅Compliance with Supplementation.

✅Getting well educated

✅Asking really good questions

✅Have attended additional educational opportunities you provide and are seeing nice improvements that excite them.

These are all indicators they are ready for the Healing and Observation Phase.

The Healing and Observation Phase usually lasts about 12 weeks.

During this phase, we encourage referrals from the new client and do a Share The Care when possible.

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