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💪🏻 Lets Put Your Practice In ORDER!

For me this is one of the most exciting sections I get to share with you. The resources in this section have been developed and refined for over 16 years. The manual and the accompanying flash drive with the editable documents we provided will meet your own specific style and help you master your intake procedures.

I strongly encourage you to remember the following comment:

“Structured Flexibility’

In our practice we had to develop a Systems Driven approach to Consistent Results.

One of the things we focus on daily in our office is to be several steps ahead of our clients. Positioning clients to navigate the program properly means using the right communication patterns each and every time so consistency is developed from day one.

For those of you who might be new to our material, ORDER is an acronym we use in our training and communication at the Country Doctor Nutritional Center.

It stands for Objective, Resource, Demonstrate, Evaluate and Refine. You must consider this section as the BluePrint for being 20 steps ahead of your clients. This puts your practice in ORDER to properly educate your clients and the community about the value you bring. This is done consistently over time to sustain any level of meaningful momentum in your business. (The 80/15/5 Rule)

My experience has been, anytime I violate my practice procedures or systems in terms of client care, in favor of doing it the clients way, always produces excess stress, loss of revenue and wastes a lot of time.

Someone once said the definition of system is:

Save YourSelf Time, Energy and Money.

My experience suggests they where RIGHT ON :-)

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