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Introduction to Put Your Practice in ORDER!

It is critically important to remember you are entering the world of self-employment. Just what does this mean and just what does this look like?

What it means is you’re not gonna have somebody looking over your shoulder every moment of every day helping you stay on task. You must develop the self discipline to do this for yourself. YOUR daily method of operations can only be developed by you. There are several resources available you can plug into which will help you in this area. However, make no mistake about it, you are self employed so you must be willing to learn how to employ yourself.

So what this looks like is very exciting! This is a true opportunity for you to pursue what makes you happy, filled with joy and positions you to fulfill your purpose in the lives of others. But let’s not kid ourselves, it takes patience, time, consistent effort and the willingness to grow in order to make these things happen for ourselves.

This brief introduction to put your practice in order gives you some insight into the activities you will need to engage in on a daily basis in order to establish momentum in your practice.

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