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💪 Ideal Client Profile!!

This is one of those discussions that you really wanna give strong consideration, too. For me and my office we have identified a few key areas to play close attention to when screening new clients.

👉🏻 Does the client agree with our approach from day one.

👉🏻 Do they understand the time/financial responsibilities of following the program.

👉🏻 Do they present evidence of being “Medical Wreckage”

Dr. John Christopher, and many other practitioners like him made reference to the following areas that we as practitioners must be aware of and use this awareness to make decisions when it comes to accepting new clients.

His comments are in relationship to the three types of “incurable people”!

  1. The person who won’t comply.

  2. The person who suffers from being a hypochondriac.

  3. The person who has actually given up, hope on their health improving.

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Nov 08, 2022

Great post! A question. Met a lady who was referred to me. She is what you classified as “medical wreckage” and lives on Government assistants but is holding down a part time job. Taking no ownership of health journey, and plays the blame game with her situations(medically and non-medically). How do you go about telling an individual they are not a good match at this time? Do you have a streamlined response? I responded with,”After reviewing your file, and after our first consultation, I see road blocks that will hinder our progress together, can I explain? She said yes. So we talked about the lack of compliance following the 3 things her Doctor previously encouraged her to do which ar…

Dr. Dan Young, ND
Dr. Dan Young, ND
Nov 08, 2022
Replying to

I like the key points you hit on, yes you maintained a truthful approach. I am a big fan of asking questions like: Do you fully understand the time commitment? Do you understand the financial commitment? I take this approach in terms of questions. Remember the card demonstration I did with Allen, by asking the right questions, we take our clients exactly where they need to go. I like them to uncover and discover their truth. Me telling them the truth and having them discover it for themselves is really empowering for them. Great comment and it will make its way to the zoom in November.

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