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🤔 How Many People Will I Serve!!!

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

This is a tricky question to answer because we tend to think in terms of helping everyone for as long as we can. This is way too vague and the problem is it’s not practical or realistic. The objective of this information is to position you to have practical and realistic actions and outcomes for your practice.

I can share with you a brief history of what has happened to me on this issue.

👉🏻 My Father saw a handful of people daily

👉🏻 The expense was high so there where some inherent problems

👉🏻 I did not have the same skill set as my father and I KNEW this approach would burn me out

👉🏻 Once I was able to adopt a high volume, low fee approach, everything changed for me

👉🏻 In January of 2006 I had a specific goal of seeing 30 people a day, 4 days per week

👉🏻 I ran at this pace or close to it for 6 years

👉🏻 Then a scaled down to 20 people per day and am blessed to have other clinicians carry the load with me

It is so important to know exactly the number of people you wish to see because it’s so easy to hit burn out, become overstressed and overwhelmed with the business you built that becomes all consuming. This didn’t happen to me and I am thankful I run at a pace which is sustainable for me for many years to come.

I also knew there were other things I wanted to be a part of in my day and I would have to scale my numbers to meet those other needs.

Be realistic when you come up with this number because real happiness is based on doing what you LOVE for several decades.

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