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👥 How Many People Will I Employ?

When you are a single business person, with no clients to speak of, and no demand for your products, services or expertise, the thought of “How many people will, I employ” is really not on the radar.

This being said, as you follow the resources outlined in this app, and you start feeling the momentum of your business growth, having the answer to this question in advance is a real timesaver.

I have one major bullet point to share with you on this topic.

✅ I employ as many people as is absolutely necessary to meet Exceptional Customer Service Needs.

Ok, two bullet points:

✅ Making my Clinic Accessible, Affordable and Results Driven!

I was taught along time ago if you are more than two weeks, booked out for clients and no room for your new clients within that first two weeks, it’s time to look at bringing in more help!

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