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🔥Friday Follow Up, EVERY Friday!

Fridays at least in my office are an opportunity to really further the solid and healthy connection I have with clients in terms of all types of follow up. Let me explain, Friday is where the practitioner wraps up any and all loose ends or communication points which need to be clarified with your clients. Such as,

✅ Any communication you promise the client during the week can be handled on Fridays! Let’s suppose there’s a piece of information your client needs, it’s not urgent but it is important, Friday is your catchall day to make a note to self in front of the client and say something like, “This is a great question I’ll get the answer to you no later than Friday, how does that sound to you?.”

99% of the time your client is going to be very willing to let you put get back to them in a few days, as long as you do it :-)

✅ Any clients who had mild struggles during the week, this is the best day to follow up with them and see if what you’re doing with them is handling the situation the way they hoped it would.

✅ New clients are always added to the Friday call list so they may be welcomed to the program, have an opportunity to ask any questions since starting their program and be encouraged about starting in properly filling out their food logs.

Oh by the way, a welcome letter or postcard depending upon how you choose to acknowledge your new client should always go out the week the new client started their program.

NEXT, week, we embark on the EDE of Practice BluePrint, see you then!!!

HINT: Page 17 of the NEW Manual!!!

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