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😆Food Logs, The BEST Resource Possible!

In this video we share with you the resource we use with every client, every visit, for the first several weeks to several months to gauge and monitor their dietary habits.

We strongly recommend you do this for a minimum of six weeks. Special Note: Many clients will need close monitoring for as much as 6 to 9 months to get these new habits well-established.

You know, many clients are hesitant to turn in food logs. Many of your clients will come to you having tried food logs in the past.

Here is how we use food logs to position clients to thrive. This is not a negative experience at all but rather an empowering and enlightening experience for the client.

✅ We do not look at food logs from a negative perspective.

✅ We are always looking for ways to accentuate the positive regarding food logs.

✅ Unless specific food avoidance or Phase 1 is required, we review food logs based on Dr. Bernard Jensen‘s book, The Chemistry of Man which gives us an 80/20 model to go by.

This model simply suggests 80% of the daily intake of food be raw fruits and vegetables, organic where possible and 20% from a starch and a meat protein source.

Let’s say you total this up and their food log score for the week is 60/40. We don’t talk about the fact they’re 20% off in both categories, we give them one or two suggestions on foods to continue adding back in the diet which will improve their score.

As they develop the new habit of bringing good foods in, our experience is over time, bad foods are weeded out.

If you do not have this book by Dr. Jensen, I would encourage you to get it in your personal professional library as it has proven itself for 20 years to be a staple, full of resources to help clients understand the importance of food.

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