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🍔 Digestive Stress 🍩

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

This is one of the questions, as you can imagine, many people identify with. The four key areas we focus on are as follows with an explanation of each one and what can cause those issues.

✅Gas - Faulty digestion of Carbohydrates. Consider Candida/Parasite Protocol.

✅Bloating - Same as above PLUS, Toxemia of the gut and lack of pre/probiotics.

✅Nausea - MORE Toxemia, Look close at Liver/Bowel detox protocols.

✅Heartburn - Lack of HCL Production. Hiatal Hernia Protocol.

When we focus on the top four questions we’ve outlined in this past weeks videos, literally 80% of the person‘s concerns are greatly improved if not fully corrected over a period of time by staying focused on these four areas.

Let me recap for them as we go into the weekend:

Bowel Movements




By correcting each one of these areas, you are positioning your client to experience as much as 70%, if not 90% overall improvement in their health profile and correction of what brought them to you in the first place. We see this time and time again which is why we stay focused on these and other resources to guide the client towards thriving.

And by the way, remember the Foundational Cleansing Protocols:





Metal/Chemical Detox

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