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🤔 Develop Your Orientation Education 📖

For over 15 years we have offered a complimentary class to all new potential clients. The objective for this class is to make certain we are a great match for each other. We introduce them to our philosophy, time and financial investment, answer some initial questions and something very special.

For attending the class, the first 2 visits are complimentary. Yup! No service fees for the initial and follow up consultations! Neat huh!!! People LOVE IT! This class provides our practice with a consistent flow of 4/8 new clients on a weekly basis!

For me, it is one of the most Exciting and business building experiences we offer.

The video touches on this and as the app grows, we will be providing ALL the Resources we use to make this happen so YOU can make this happen in a similar fashion in your own businesse 🤗

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