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🤔Compliance Part 3-Ongoing Client Education

There is an old saying in Nutritional Therapeutics and it’s been around a lot longer than I have :-) the saying goes like this, If your practice is not attracting enough new clients, you need to increase your marketing. If your practice is not retaining enough existing clients, you need to increase educational experiences.

We have a set series of educational opportunities that we provide all new clients within the first 4 to 6 weeks of their starting a program.

✅ In your flash drive, look up the Program of Care example, it states very clearly all new clients are required to attend the Nutrition 101 class, this is the next step in their educational process.

✅ Also in the flash drive, are the handouts we use and are always refining for this particular class. Please feel welcome to use any or all of the handout recommendations we have as resources and as always, blend in some of your own favorites.

✅ We see clients in our clinical practice Mondays through Thursdays. This leaves me Fridays to do a lot of follow up, return calls with concerned clients, grade food logs, plant seeds for more Share The Care and open house speaking opportunities etc.

My Fridays are really the momentum building day for three key areas and you need to be made aware of their importance.

  1. Address any issues or questions clients may have had on their last visit.

  2. Time on the phone with clients builds a stronger relationship.

  3. Gives us an opportunity discuss Share the Care Program opportunities.

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