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🤔Compliance Continued, Part Two!

You’ve made certain the actual supplements schedule is being followed as closely as possible and consistently by the client. We now move into the next part of evaluating where they’re at.

✅Give the client time to ask their questions during the evaluation, prompt them to make sure of one key thing: They fully understand why they are doing what they’re doing!

✅By addressing their questions, you know EXACTLY what Resources you need to provide next.

Try to have as many of these resources in the form of handouts as possible. This way,  you’re not investing a lot of valuable time during the exam on education.

Remember at this stage, the focus is execution of the protocol.  Also, I have had situations where it was more appropriate for me to contact the client after hours. This way I could invest a bit more time in addressing their questions.  I do this in the event I do not have a handout for the specific need.

Send the handouts home with your client and let them read at their leisure the response to the questions. On the next visit, pick up where you left off with the client.

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