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🎉 Capturing Client Reviews:)

It seems practitioners hesitate when it comes to asking their most valuable resource in the community for reviews on their experience. Existing Clients!

It’s been our experience for several years, clients love sharing their experiences when they are positioned to do it in a very easy manner.

✅ During their initial Graduation

✅ When they make a positive comment about their experience in front of you or staff.

Here is where you have an opportunity to very simply interject the following question to the conversation.

✅ Thank you for sharing your experience. I have many people coming in in the near future who would love to hear what you just shared. Can you take a minute and capture your experience

To date I have had no refusals because this lets your client to help someone else with their comments. Yes, you’re using the review to improve your credibility in the marketplace. However, their comments will also help others make a good decision about following nutritional therapy with your office.

Everyone LOVES to experience helping someone else.

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