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🧐 Be Sure and Set The Stage!

Whether you are hosting a Clinic Orientation Class, Share The Care program, in-home or business location demo, a meet and greet opportunity or, in our case, the monthly Basic Nutrition Class, there are resources we use each time to insure great attendance.

Please do yourself a favor and work from a list of names and phone numbers. Have people sign up for these classes in advance and have a way to remind them of the class. This goes for online events as well. If you’re not the host, encourage the host to follow these steps.

✅ Call the client the day before class as a reminder call.

✅ If you do not contact that person initially, be sure and call them the morning of the class.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve showed up to a Share The Care program or a meet and greet and the host looks at me with “deer in the headlight eyes” and says I can’t understand where everyone is, I had so many of them tell me they would be here.

Set the stage for excellent attendance at all of your classes and educational functions. There is no reason a host can’t follow these two simple suggestions as a resource for hosting a great class.

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