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💵 Annual Revenue NOT For Revenues Sake!

In today’s video I’m going to share a few key points with you regarding how I look at revenue, and how it has served us well for decades.

This question on the Practice Creation form is another one of those tricky ones. Please understand my position on this, revenue is way down on the list of importance in terms of my overall goals, objectives, and impact my business has on my community.

This being said, without revenue, there is no business so in some aspects of your business, it is a must to pay very close attention to revenue. Revenue pays the bills, makes certain you have inventory on hand for your clients and gives you and your family the freedom this industry grants us. It just can’t be the primary focus.

✅ Revenue is simply a measuring stick of how well your value is being received in the marketplace.

✅ Revenue makes it possible for you to remain a viable, long-term sustainable business in your community.

✅ Revenue is the easiest initial marker to go by in terms of your passions and ambitions.

We will use a simple illustration in this post during the video to give you an idea of how you can come up with understanding what your true passions and ambitions are regarding revenue.

I can assure you, one of the greatest tells on any practitioner is “Do their Actions Match their Ambitions”.

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