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Additional Resources for Health and Wellness

This list is brought to you because Deika asked for it!

🙏 Deika for reaching out and I know you, your clients and the rest of the folks on the channel will greatly appreciate! Enjoy and have an Awesome Weekend!!!

Castor Oil Pack applied topically.

Bloodwork Basics - Not a great diagnostic tool, Awesome when used properly for evaluation. Get the Mastering Blood Chemistry with Nutrition Book - NOT the Laboratory Desk Reference!!!

Great resource for home remedy approach flushes.

The Garlic ear flush is safe for babies and pets as well. We use Christopher’s Brand Garlic Oil.

And finally an abundant list for the use of Cayenne, also, refer to your Clinical Reference Guide for Cayenne Tincture uses.

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Can you further explain cayenne use in cancer, headache, night blindness and delirium tremens? Thanks very much.😊

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Dr. Dan Young, ND
Dr. Dan Young, ND
24. Jan. 2022
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Cayenne is one of Dr. John Christopher’s favorite herbs to include in almost all the formulas he made. It improves blood flow and circulation to all organs and systems in the body making it one of the most important elements to increasing health no matter what the health challenge has been.

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The things that were brought to our attention are so good at helping to restore proper function and physiology in many different areas Thank you for bringing them up

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