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A Simple Practitioner Approach:)

Objective: The practitioner tends to take too much on themselves for the success of the practice. You have only 2 objectives which you need to master over time.

1. An evaluation process you are comfortable with, you trust the results it gives you and you can duplicate it every visit. Doesn’t matter if it is Kinesiology, REAMS Testing, Hair Analysis, System Survey or HRV, the point is utilize it consistently with clients as they want to get into a comfortable pattern with the clinic.

2. Master communication patterns with the ONLY focus of positioning the client to get well.

Resources: Your staff have tremendous skill in supporting you in your goal of Helping People Get Well, so let them!!!

Demonstrate: To all your clients a consistent and simple approach to getting well. Support their needs of providing structure you know works combined with their personal need for flexibility. All clients are different and have different needs, that said, your SYSTEMS approach to delivering care, supported by your staff is what positions them to get well. FORGET the THING that brought them to you. We as Natural Health Practitioners NEVER treat the thing. We position the PERSON to achieve optimum health. We MUST MASTER our APPROACH and COMMUNICATION.

Evaluate: By following this proven system as well as you can and it fits your personal style, you are going to change the flow and direction of your business in a positive way.

Refine: Your approach will always need refinement. I am constantly looking for subtle ways to do a better job - - CONSTANTLY, it drives my people nuts sometimes, however, they also understand my desire to serve people the best I possibly can is always a work in progress as will your’s be.

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